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***3-5 day shipping delay due to Covid***
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In Japan, the 
tenugui is an ubiquitous item that can be used for a variety of tasks. The long and thin cotton cloth can wrap your tenkara rod to protect it from scratches, or wrap your head and neck to protect them from the sun. The thin unhemmed fabric will dry quickly and can be used as a towel to clean or dry. Of course, you can also simply hang it as decoration with your tenkara gear or in your fly-tying area.

We like to think of the tenugui as a Japanese bandana. Like tenkara, the tenugui embodies simplicity and offers great utility and versatility.
The only question now is, how will you use your tenugui?

Size: 13"x36" (33cm x 91.5cm)
Material: thin cotton

Artwork by Jeremy Shellhorn

1% For The Planet Logo (Gray)
1% of the sale value of this item will be donated to conservation efforts.

Tenkara Care™ is our exclusive Lifetime Warranty Program and our commitment to take care of any problems you may encounter with your tenkara gear quickly and painlessly.

For help, call our team of responsive tenkara anglers: 888.i.tenkara (888.483.6527) or email us: info@tenkarausa.com.

With rare exceptions you never have to mail anything back to us to get your rod working again.

  • Tenkara Care: Information on rod repairs and our warranty procedures 
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     Tenkara USA® is the only tenkara company dedicated to the environment with a set-on-stone commitment to donate 1% of its revenues to environmental organizations that care for fish habitat. 


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